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Feedback - Robison Wells

Feedback is an exceptionally great book written by Robinson Wells, and sequel to the book "Varients," also by Robinson Wells.  Inside this book, robots and humans are combined in a Government experiment.  The Government configured a chip they surgically implant into ones brain.  This implant controls the emotions and the actions of the robots.  The humans controlling the robots are trapped in a government bunker called Fort Maxfield.  The chips in their heads do not allow them to go past the perimeter of the town.  If anyone tries to escape they are instantly murdered by Iceman and Ms. Vaughn (the robot leaders of Maxfield).  Benson and Becky are the only ones without the chip.  They are the two survivors of Maxfield College.  Once Becky's arm heals they're going to be the escape artists and save the town, hopefully.  It won't be easy now that they are wanted by the government and half of the town. Supplies are necessary and winter is critically cold.  Will they make it?  I have yet to find out.  Now, this book is incredible and intriguing.  With twists and turns around every corner it's hard to stop reading.